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AES Related Reports

Redondo Beach Power Plant Phase-Out Initiative Measure and Related Documents:

Measure A Text:  Power Plant Phase Out Initiative Petition R3 FINAL wo signature pages

Original Notice of Intent to Circulate Petitions:  notice_of_intent-jl_final7-3-12

Official City Attorney’s Title and Summary:  Orignal City Attorney Title and Summary for Initiative Measure 7-26-12 FINAL

City Attorney’s Impartial AnalysisIMPARTIAL ANALYSIS City Attorney Impartial Analysis – Measure A


Video of Legal Panel’s Responses

On November 8th, a panel of three land-use and environmental law attorneys responded to the live questions of about 50 residents.  See the questions and answers here:

Councilman Brand TV Interview

Congresswoman Janice Hahn’s Letter to CEC

Hahn AES Letter

Congressman Henry Waxman Press Release 

Waxman Press Release

State Senator Lieu’s Letters to City Council and County Registrar urging expedition of the Power Plant Phase Out Initiative for March Ballot

LIEU to County RR

LIEU to RB Council

State Assembly Member Butler’s  Letters to City Council and County Registrar urging expedition of the Power Plant Phase Out Initiative for March Ballot

Butler LA County Redondo Beach Initiative- ABB Expedite Request Letter 9.11.12

Butler Redondo Beach Ballot Initiative- ABB Support Letter 9.11.12

Sierra Club Opposition Letter


BBR and appeal to CEC

BBR NPP BB CEC Request on AES Redondo r10

Independent Power Expert Reports on the need for AES Redondo power generation:

RB Report v33

Draft Redondo Beach JF paper review- 11-21

Latest BBR Power Plant Informational Briefing:

NoPowerPlant_Presentation_AES Brief_Jan_2012

AES Initial Plans submitted to State Water Resources Control Board:

AES Redondo Repower Plan 2011

AES Repower 16JUN2011

AES Redondo Beach Power Plant Application (Nov 12)

Due to the size of the documents we are posting the link to the California Energy Commission Site where they are kept:

AES Air Pollution Submission to CEC for new Huntington Beach Power Plant (August 2012):

HBEP_5.1_Air Quality

2010 AES Pollution Report from Southern California Air Quality Management District:

AES Emissions 2010

AES Briefing to City Council – 8 Nov 11:

AES Briefing- Nov 8 2011 Final Color

AES Response to Council Questions:

AES RB Workshop Response_Final

AES Project Update to City Council - 1 May 12:

AES Project Update 1 May 12

 AES Letter to delay initiative based on ludicrous Measure DD interpretation:

AES 10-16-2012 Letter to the RB City Council

BBR Response to AES delay letter:

Argument on Applicability of Article XXVII to Voter Zoning Initiatives r 4

Correspondence related to Councilman Diels’ accusations related to Congressman Waxman opposition to power plant:

Diels Letter to Congressman Waxman

Congressman Waxmans response to Diels letter

Waxman Response to Residents highlighted

City of Redondo Reports:

Redondo Beach city report analyzing fiscal impacts of AES Redondo:

Catalina Redevelopment Agency

2004 Redondo Beach City Staff report on how to rezone AES property:

Coastal Reserve Zoning

State Power Agency Reports on Power Needs:

State Water Resources Control Board study on AES Redondo (2008):


CEC Assessment of the Criticality of Ocean Water Cooled Plants(2009):


December 2010 CAISO Report on Power Reliability through 2015 (Dec 2010):

CAISO LCR 2013-15 Study_Dec2010_287ca3cc28a80

CEC Energy Demand Forecast 2012 – 2022 (Aug 2011):


CAISO 2021 Energy Reliability Projections (Dec 2011):

ISO Presentation – 20112012 Transmission Planning ProcessDec8_2011

CAISO Detailed Update on 2016 Power Needs and Capacities (Jan 2012)


CPUC Decision on new Long Term Power Contracts (Feb 2012):

Final CA ISO Transmission Study 2012 (includes OTC Study through 2021) (Mar 2012)

CAISO Board-approvedISO2011-2012-TransmissionPlan

CAISO Update on OTC Plant Impacts in LA Basin portion of grid (Jun 22, 2012)


 CAISO 2013 Forecast without SONGS(Aug 22, 2012)

CAISO Addendum-Final2013LocalCapacityTechnicalStudyReportAug20_2012

CAISO Designation of Huntington Units as Reliability Must-Run (September, 2012)

CAISO Decision on RMR Contracts-Motion-Sept2012

CPUC Draft Decision on Natural Gas Power Procurement(December, 2012)

21 dec 12 CPUC decision on nat gas procurement

Federal Energy Commission Findings on Involvement of AES and Williams in artificially increasing power rates during energy crisis:


Representative Reports showing health impacts of air pollutions from power plants:



CARB pm-report_2010


Children’s Health Study Fact Sheet

New El Segundo Power Plant Air Pollution Impacts Assessment:

NRG El Segundo Engineering Evaluation

EPA Report on Car Emissions:

Emission Facts 2005

AES Ocean Life Impact Assessment filed with 2011 Plan to State Water Resources Board:

AES Power Plant Appdx A

San Francisco Actions to Stop Their Plant:










Evidence AES is moving forward with State Agencies despite claims to the contrary:

AES CPUC Testimony

AES Testimony 2

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